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Networking Prob


Hope someone can help me out on this prob ive stated below, ive tried many things but it just wont work. Althou it worked perfectly before my reformant (which i had no choice).

Main Pc - Has a 3Com 3C900B-TPO Ethernet Adapter which has the Cable Modem connected into the card on Local Connection 2 Going in. Also has a NETGEAR FA312 Fast Ethernet Adapter Card on Connection 1, which then goes out to my Ethernet Hub.

The Ethernet hub, then connects to my other 2 Pc's but i just cant seem to get them to see eachother at all. I can vaigly remember i had to bridge a connection somewhere ??

Is this set up wrong ? or can someone give me any pointers to how it should be set up ??

Many Thx In advance for any help
are you trying to get the 3 computers to see each other on the ethernet?

You dont really want to bridge the CableModem and the Ethernet as that would allow people outside you home network to see your home computers and access the network shares.

You really want to install ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on the computer with the Cable Modem and then get the other 2 computers to connect to the internet through the cable connected PC.

You might need to set a Workgroup which should be the same for all computers. You may also have to setup the IP addresses for the network cards involved with the Ethernet Hub.

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