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30 Jan 2004
So we have this server, it's a POS (literally, thats the name of the vendor that installed it) it failed many times and the replacements we tried weren't much better. The vendor finally said back up the DB and reformat it. So I did but come to find out we can't put xp sp2 on it cause they suck and don't support sp2. Since I have no copies with just sp1 I have to use 2k. So heres the problem.

The server and its main clients are in their own special workgroup. They work just fine. EVERYONE else is on a domain and the domain users can't connect to this workgroup. This wasn't an issue when we had xp on the server so I'm guessing its a 2k issue. The error is either a generic one saying the server isn't available or one saying you may not have permissions. I read something that said for a domain xp machine to connect to a workgroup 2k machine the guest account needs to be enabled. I have no idea why they think this would work but I tried it and no luck. That's all the help I could find (mainly cause I don't know what I'm looking for) but I'm open to suggestion ANY other ideas would be wonderful!
can you ping? Can you resolve DNS/WINS name?
Probably not a factor since workgroup machines can access it, at least according to you, but check to be sure Simple File Sharing is enabled. On 2k, it is DISABLED by default. You can share files/folders and get the "hand" all day, but it won't work if it's not enabled.
check to be sure Simple File Sharing is enabled. On 2k, it is DISABLED by default.

You mean this thing? It was already there and there doesn't seem to be any properties associated with it so I don't think that is it. Unless of course if I'm looking at the wrong thing.


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Thanks for the tips, still not working though. It just seems that if you're on a domain you can't connect to the workgroup. My last ditch effort was to see if I could add them to a group that already had access to the server. It didn't work cause in the users & passwords thing on the server you can only set the "look in" box to be the server itself and not the domain. I'm stumped.
Have you set IP's manually for the DNS\WINS in the machines on the domain? What kind of server software are you using to host the domain? Are you running active Directory?

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