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Networking comps


Way too much time here...
How hard is it? My lil bro said that my uncle said it is too f****** hard to bother about. But that was linux to nt. With XP to NT how easy is it? Any progs that will do it themselves??

you need a cross-over cat5 cable and then use the xp network wizard,create the floppy use it on the nt pc and voila a nice network :) not so hard...


Way too much time here...
Cool. Gonna show my lil bro that I am a ubergeek and worthy of godness... I made the cable (MWAHAHA), dunno if it works yet... Should tho...

Now I just have to wait until I get my chip and HDD and then get the comp down here. :(

Thanks Sboulema. You have been a great help so far.
*Ugh* Daisy chaining? I wouldn't! ;)

If you have 3+ computers I strongly recommend a hub/switch if you're not sharing Internet via Ethernet or a router if you do.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
If you daisy chain them then the comp in the middle will have be on so that the other two can access each other. Besides its easier to use switch or router.


OSNN Gamer
I dont know a thing about networking :eek:

I bought a hub for £15 ~ 2 x nic cards for £10 & a couple cables
its not the best hub in the world ~ but it works for me

plugged it all in ~ ran the network wizard ~ all done
its that simple

its even better with a fast internet connection
my buddies bring their pc's round & we have an on-line LAN party
5 of us go & mug a server on delta force black hawk down

great fun


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