networking cable question.


I am trying to cap some network cable i have. I have both ends capped and they look correct, but when i plug from the router to the computer it doesn't show connection on the computer. but on the router it does. So i switch the cable around and the router light goes off and the computer light stays off. both ends seem correct. Would this mean that the one side is capped correct and the other isn't?


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if its a straight through, ie going from hub/router/switch to machine then it should be
Orange Stripe
Green Stripe
Blue Stripe
Brown Stripe

*damn that was all from memory, I have been crimping too many cables

Also make sure that the individual wires reach all the way to the top of the connector, and sometimes you need to give the end another good squeeze to make sure all the copper teeth are through properly


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LOL ganna be doing that soon to i already have a crimp tool and did like 2 cables, but memorizing thats a bit too hard lol


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Also, in case you need a crossover end would be as Geffy said, other would be: Green Stripe-Green-Orange Stripe-Blue-Blue Stripe-Orange-Brown Stripe-Brown. Just in case you needed to make one.

Geffy...definitely making too many cables. :p


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If one end lights up then one of the two pairs is not crimped properly or you swapped the wires.

My crimping tool is a flat blade screw driver. I refuse to pay $20-30 for a tool to attach 50 cent plugs.


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yeah i made 2 crossover cables for your daily pr0n transfer to ur friends pc:p jk but for data transfer of large files, wont need to be using that too much now i got a sandisk 1gb usb 2.0 cruser mini!

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