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Networking / Broadband advice please


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Ok, help me out please. This is all theory at the moment, but I just want to get some things straight.

If I where to get ADSL, then I would need a modem, obviously, I would also want a router so I can get my mothers machine online.

I was looking at the “Netgear ADSL Modem, Router with 4-port 10/100 Mbps switch DG 834” (http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0000E0YHF/ref=sr_aps_electronics_1_2/202-6043620-6746255). First of all is this any good? If not what is a good one.

Second of all would this be all I would need for connect the machines together in a network?

I would get something like this USB 10/100 Ethernet Adapter for my mothers machine as it is old and i don't want to fiddle to much with it (http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000062R4P/ref=er_ra_acc_dp_5/202-6043620-6746255)

And I have a D Link DFE-530TX in my machine. Could you tell me if all this would work together, or what I would need???!!!!!
whch wries i would need etc. also does a normal telephone extension cord work with ADSL?

I don’t know network hardware. Please help me !!! :)
You're in England and they do things differently than in the USA the way they wire inside the house, but here's the basics.

Wire comes to house with ADSL/voice on one wire.

You install a splitter (cheap $10-20) to seperate the high frequency ADSL from the low frequency voice. This is the part that is different between USA and England. In USA they split at the outside wall and run seperate twisted pair (Cat 3 min, Cat 5 Cable preferred) to the ADSL modem location. In England I think they don't split the signals until it gets to the phones / modem so you may need multiple splitters. You'll need to confirm this with one of the members from England.

From the modem to the router there will be an ethernet cable (big looking phone plug). This one may be staright through or cross over. Depends on the modem and router. Some routers have a polarity switch so you can use straight through , mine requries cross over. Check the router and modem manuals online before buying. If you get a combo modem/router this cable is not required.

Then from the router to each computer NIC there will be a straight through ethernet cable. If these are short distances a starter kit may be cheaper. If the 2 computers are far apart then it's best to make your own cable or find someone who can make them cheaply. Warning. They try to rob you blind on ethernet cables. The crimp connectors an the end are 4 for a dollar and wire is cheap. Use Category 5 wire. It will handle 100 mbits. You can't use that speed for the internet but if the router can handle 100 mbit then you can go computer to computer at that speed for backups and such.

Router choice can be a pain. Some ISPs and gaming sites are not router friendly. I'm doing fine with a 5 year old linksys BEFSR11 set for DMZ (open to net). A friend with a finicky ISP has settled on a netgear (the one that looks aerodynamic) after going through about 8 different kinds.

Aside from ISP quirkiness (and this just applies to FTP and games) set up is a joke. Takes a couple minutes and everyone is online.

Using the USB to ethernet adapter may cause you more trouble than it's worth. A plug in NIC for your mom's machine should be cheaper and less hassle.


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telephone extensions work fine with adsl. i'm 2 miles from exchange, with a 30m extension cord + i still get 58Kb downloads + 28k uploads ;)


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What is the D-Link thing in your machine? modem?

The Netgear DG834 seems quite good, but I think the DG824 has WEP security. Either way, they're both something I wanted to get to get for my wireless network at home.
Make sure you have WEP or WPA enabled otherwise you might find someone sharing your internet connection from outside your home.

DSL will work over telephone extensions as long as you get the filters plugged in properly.

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