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I've set up a box 2 box domestic network with files and modem connexion sharing functions
My desktop is under Win XP and connected to internet by ADSL ( ECI USB Modem)
My Laptop is under Win 98 and is connected to internet by my XP Box (as gateway)
Everything works fine (file are shared and from one box you can see the other box and its folder..)

But, just after updating my modem driver (by removing the actual driver and setting the new one) in my Win XP box , networking doesn't work anymore: Folders, files and connexion aren't shared anymore between the 2 PC boxes..

Does anybody know how to make networking work again after updating modem driver ( besides, I don't understand how updating a modem driver can destruct networking function in Window XP ?)

Thanx by advance
Because you unistalled the driver first, it broke and reset all connections. You will need to re-run the networking wizard.

Thanks for your quick answer

Do you know how to update driver withough having to re-run networking wizard ?
I remember spending a lot of time last time to make my 2 boxes speaking each other.
I think there should exist a method allowing us to update modem driver withough re-configuring sharing windows XP functionalities from the beginning ?

What are your advices concerning regarding this issue ?
Rather than removing the entire device and letting it re-detect in the future, open the System control panel, do to the Hardware tab and click the Device Manager button. Find the modem and open the properties. Go to the driver tab and click Update Driver

Unfortunately, My driver is an ADSL USB SECI modem and the driver download is a zip file ( file)

The extracted result of this file is a folder containing a lot of files, an setup.exe file but no file such as .inf file)

So, when you open modem properties menu, and click on "update driver", Windows ask you to point out folder where the driver (.inf file) is supposed to be.
But Windows seems to find no driver file inside of extracted folder from 1-11-0007-5E-FT5a .zip file.
In the otherhand, if you executed setup.exe file, it imediately installs new modem driver... But before, you have to remove the old driver program file. It was exactly what I did.
...But as you said in your last answer, to remove old driver breaks and reset all connexion...

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