Networking and USB driver updating




I've installed Networking (folder and internet sharing) on my XP box and on my Win98 Laptop.
Everything works fine: the folders are shared in both the 2 boxes and my 98 Box can access internet using the XP box as a gateway (internet connexion sharing)

The problem occurs when I updated my USB ECI adsl modem driver => since this loment, it doesn't work any more.

I mean by that:
- from My XBOS, I continue to access folders belonging to Win98 Laptop
- but from my win98 Laptop, I don't "see" any more my XP box in "neighbourghs" nor it shared folders and HDD drives.
I can nomore access Internet using mt XP box as gateway...


My XP Box is connected to Internet (ADSL) by an USB ECI modem

NOTHING was changed in both the 2 boxes except the driver of USB modem is upgraded ( desinstallation of 1.11.4 version and installation of 1.11.7) in my XP Box

The last 1.11.7 ECI driver works fine and no problem to connect to Internet but causes networking problem

Can anyone give some explanation, please ?

Thanks by advance


Try reconfiguring your ICS. If you removed then reinstalled the modem drivers, it may have re-setup the internet connection through the modem. In that case, you most likely do not have an external connection defined in ICS.

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