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I have had XP and 98 running before and I recently formatted and am unable to find the tutorial that I used to set the two up, I've checked these forums and none seem to help with setting it up between XP and 98, the 98 machine should be all set it's just the XP machine that needs some tweaking, please help!!!


Go through the articles that are listed in the readmes at the top of this forum. If it still doesn't work after that, post a description of your situation and where it's not working, rather than saying "it doesn't work." Then, with that information in hand, I or someone else can post some useful information for you.


I have read through the read-me's and they have all been about networking XP to XP, which is simple...XP to 98 however is a different matter. The set-up is changed on the XP machine and I can't find the right set up, I did it once before with a walkthrough and have no clue what do to now that I can't find it.

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