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Networking 2 pc's....

:) Hi, I am going to try to connect 2 pc's via 10/100 Ethernet,both computers have one, both are running XP Home,I guess all I need is a crossover cable to connect,how exactly do I go about it?Which PC do you run the Network Connection Wizard on first????Any help would be greatly appreciated. :confused:

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If the 2 pc have the same workgroup (the default one), they should see one another. Be sure to have a shared folder on one of them if you want to share files between the 2... that's basically all you need...


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don't run the networking wizard, the PC's dont even have to be in the same workgroup. just assign IP's to the network cards manually and and then use for the subnet. Thats about it.


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he doesn't need a router. i've already connected my desktop and laptop to share my internet connection. Davmail, if you are going to run the network setup wizard, and want to share an internet connection between the two, you have to run the wizard on the computer that is directly connected to the modem first, as far as i know.
:rolleyes: Yes, I want to share the internet connection if possible,I have an ADSL usb modem,I don't want anything complicated as its to connect my sons pc with mine,and I will use a 'crossover' cable to connect the two,but just not to sure as to how to set it up once the two are connected by 10/100 Ethernet cards.Many Thanks for all your input. :D

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Easiest way to do this is to ensure both pcs are connected via the cable.

Run the network setup wizard (NSW) on the PC with the internet connection. Chose the option that says the other computers get out Via your pc. This pc will get the IP address

On the second pc run the NSW, this shoiuld spot the shared internet connection, so say you want to use it. Just ensure this pc has a different name but the same workgreup.

Should it not spot the connection, if you right click on the network card in network caonnection and chose properties, The double click tcp/ip the IPaddress should be, subnet mask
default gateway and prefered DNS

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MC82 said:
doesnt he need a router?
BTW, one uses a router to connect (or route) between 2 seperate networks. As he wants both PCs on the same network, a router isn't needed. Now if he only had 1 NIC in each PC, and no other networking devices; then he would need one to connect each PC to his DSL line (his ISP is a seperate network), but not to each other. Actually, in a manner of speaking, his PC that has the aDSL modem is functioning like a router, to his other PC, in connecting it to the Internet...

Hope this helps clarify...


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Wireless router/ modems on wireless etc ethernet connection on main PC would only need the network connection enabled on the second, or any other machines connected by Cat 5 cable.
Any settings are picked up auto..... just click on IE6 icon to surf.
Have done "Windows Update" on many newly built PCs this way.

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