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Networked DSL and Windows 2000/NT help!!



I know i posted something similar a few days ago, but i know more about it now and would like to try and figure this out. Ok. here is the situation. I have my Alcatel DSL Ethernet modem hooked into my 8 port switch, and then all my computers using the modems built in PPP capabilities to access the internet. I have about 5 XP computers running on it and they all work fine, i just set their gateway to (modems IP) and then i assign each computer its own 192.168.0.XXX IP. Well, i have a computer running windows 2000 and with it i get some problems. Periodicaly certain pages and images cannot be displayed, when i know they are up and work on my other computers (msn.com, yahoo.com.. etc..). And this happens on most all 2000 and nt computers setup this way, because it does it at my work to. At work we have a similar setup.. a T1 line hooked into switches and then to all the computers.. the computer running 98 and 94 and ME have no problems, but the ones running NT and 2000 get that problem where some images and pages cannot be displayed when they should be able to be. It does it in Internet explorere 5, 6 and in Mozilla/Netscape too.... so its not just the browser, its networking somewhere. I have tried deleting the temp files, history, and flushing the dns server list, and i have also tried adjusting the MTU speed. Well.. i really need to get this fixed so if anyone knows why 2000 does this please let me know. Thanks.
- Mike


set the primary dns on the client to the modem/router IP. delete the alternate dns IP.

Go to the LAN settings in MSIE for the Windows 2000 client and enter the HTTP proxy details for your ISP in.

that usually sorts it ive found. I had similar problems using ICS and also with a router on both Blueyonder and NTL broadband. I've heard of other people having similar problems on BT Openworld who solved the problem by doing the same thing with the proxies.

good luck


My Modem/router is ussing PPP to split the connection.. i changed the Primary dns to the same as my gateway and then i deleted the alternated dns.. but in MSIE i dunno what port to set for the proxy .. i try no port and just the modems ip but that doesnt work. I dont think ppp can act as a proxy can it?
- Mike

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