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Anyone know of anything I can drop on a linux/bsd box that will listen in promiscuous mode and tell me where all my bandwidth is going?

I seem to be leaking bandwidth and need to find out where to and why.
just something that will give me a web-based overview of which of my machines is shifting what traffic to where.

I have a 12/2mbit dsl connection and my switch was going nuts yesterday. Since I use bridged DSL all the modem tells me is that I'm pushing traffic which I already know :)


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Ntop has a web interface which will show you the traffic it sees..

this is assuming you can set your switch up with a span/mirror port for whatever utility you use to see all the traffic.
I still have the pfsense machine here. Trouble is it kills the voip phone on my desk that I use for work. I could fart about with that over the weekend and see if I can't stop leaking bandwidth everywhere.
randomly drops the connection. - the phone will think its still connected, but the phone server won't be able to communicate with it. Thats with an any to any mapping for the phones public IP.

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