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network sharing issue

For well over a year I've had my main PC that I use as my media server and store everything on it. I enabled sharing on the folders I want, mapped them as network drives on my other 2 PC's, and have been able to access them with my other desktop and my laptop (both connected wireless) through the wireless router.

Due to some firewall problems between the modem and the router, I installed a switch in between them.

DSL Modem -> Switch -> N Router

Attached the switch is the media server and my Xbox 360

Since I put in the switch I can no longer connect to the media server from the other 2 PC's

Any solutions on how to connect to the media box without hooking it back up to the router. Keeping in mind my wife is the main user of the laptop and is happy with how easy it is with the networked drives (icons on the desktop)



OSNN Advanced
Have you tried to reset to factory default on both the modem and router before installing the switch? It usually helps when you get problems when you cannot connect to something.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
The switch is outside the router? This is the reason. Why did you need to put a switch in between and why is the media server on the switch rather then the router?
I couldn't get an "open" connection with bit Torrent, no matter what settings I used with the router. Tried port forwarding, turning off the firewall, DMZ.

It's something to do with Bell's DSL modem, as I had no problems when I was on cable. It's quite a common problem, and using a switch seems to be the only answer people can seem to find. Same thing with XBOX live. It wont connect properly behind the router, put the switch in and it works fine.

Is there anyway to get sharing to work? Stupid question, but would a second NIC connected to the router work?

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
Does your router handle your PPPoE login credentials? Some Bell modems handle this and what happens is the router gets a private IP (192.168 or similiar) and this creates a double NAT.

The modem is then used as a router and you are double NAT'd and have to forward ports on both the modem and router. If you enter your login info on the router's setup page then the port forwarding would work.

EDIT: whereabouts are you located? Just curious.

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