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Network setup wizard problem


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I had a network setup previously through a router w/ 2 computers and my Xbox on the network. Since then, I've only been using 1 computer directly from the modem, not going through the router. I want to re-setup my router for my Xbox, so I tried just hooking the router back up and plugging the corrosponding ethernet cables up. No dice, so I tried to run the setup wizard again and it won't even come up for me, put in the XP disc to run it and it still wouldn't work.

Does anyone know a way to re-setup my network? Do I need to somehow disable the old network since all I did was unhook the router and plug the ethernet cable straight to my comp?


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Why do you need to run the wizard, it does nothing. If you are using DHCP, just plug in, nothing else is needed.


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As long as you didn't change the settings or reset it, the router should just work plug and play. Did any hardware change since you disconnected the router? BTW which router is it?


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I didnt change anything but when I connect everything I have no internet. this happened before and I just ran the wizard and it fixed.

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