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Network Profiles?

Hey guys,

How can I set up "network profiles" in XP Pro? Essentially, I need network access in several non-DHCP locations, and it would be nice to have some sort of icon to click to automatically change my settings (IP, SN, GW, DNS1, DNS2) for a particular location.

Thanks in advance!


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Not really so much network profiles, but you could do "alternate configurations" for network cards, you can store additional information and have it switch depending on location.


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Yeah - like KC says it depends on having more than one hardware network port I think.... There are hardware profiles, but I am not sure they are relevant here... I am guessing this is on a laptop with built in wireless maybe? If expense were no object maybe you could have separate PCI cards and configure each one for separate locations - I have to say that is highly speculative of me though and there's a pretty high chance settings would "fight" with one another, making the whole thing more of a pain than a help....

As a lateral thought could you not employ some sort of scripting tool to automate the configuration? Not sure if there are commands for this that could be batched (ipconfig?) but if there are then I should think that is the WTG...


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You could script the changes, but each individual network device can also handle two different static configurations.

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