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Network problems



i have 2 computers i want to network together. both are running win xp. i have a netgear router to share internet access between them. so i have cat5 running from the cabem modem to the router and cat5 from the router to each computer. i ran win xp's network setup wizard and it completed on each computer but i can't share files. i really need to move some files around tonight. can i share files and internet access with a router? or do i need a hub or a switch? please, need help fast.


ok i have a new setup now. i have the cable modem going to the router and from the router going to each computer. the only way i can share files between the computers is to unhook computer 2 from the router and hook it to a 4-port hub. i installed a second Ethernet card into computer 1 and ran a cat5 to the hub. so my problem now is i can either share internet access with both computers through the router but no file sharing or i can have internet access on computer 1 and be able to share files but no internet access for computer 2. need help bad. thanks!
That sounds really strange. It should work with the first setup. Make sure any firewalls are of, and all computers are in the same workgroup.

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