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Network problem


OSNN Junior Addict
i have to computers connected via a cable crossover

and i have the ip addresses set up to be for main computer and for laptop and 255.255 blabla

but for somereason the main computer can't ping itself

the laptop can ping but all the main computer says when i try to ping is request timed out

is there anyreason for this?


Political User
Is there a software firewall on it blocking ping (also known as ICMP echo)? If it is XP, SP2's firewall blocks ping by default.

Dennis T

OSNN Junior Addict
Not an expert in this area :) .... but I don't think its possible for a pc to ping itself. Machines on my network can't anyway !!
PC's can and should be able to ping themselves, both on and on their ethernet device(s).

If they cant you got a dead nic or a packet filter blocking ICMP ECHO


OSNN Advanced
I think I need the same help.
Not sure what the problem is, but I used to have DHCP server enabled on my router two days ago but disabled it after it kept swapping the IPs around for my print server.
Now I can't connect to my desktop to my laptop. My laptop can't even see itself in the View Workgroup Computer area.

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