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6 Jan 2002
I am having issues with my small home network, a few days ago it started loseing connection to the internet (I have adsl to a modem/router connected to 2 computers). It turned out not to be the internet connection, but for some reason seemed to be losing connection to the router, or the network as a whole as i am unable to ping the router.
It is usaly ok for a few minutes after boot up but then just stops responding and i can't get anything on the network. Sometimes disabling the network then reenablling it works, but after a few mins again it goes dead. Clicking repair on the network has the same effect, although sometimes it displays the message (something like) "unable to renew IP address" at which point its unlikly anything short of a restart gets it going again.

Ihave the latest drivers for my nic (which is a d-link) and i have tried changing the nic as well. I have tried deleting the nic from device manager and reinstalling.
The IP's are automaticlay assigned and i have tried setting them static as well, but to no avail. This is really annoying as i really need to net to do my work, if anyone has any ideas, please let me know (formating is not an option at this point)
I had a similar problem with a Linksys router.

I found two issues which were contributing to the problem in the end. One was the eMule didn't like my NIC and was causing it to crash the connection to the router - I can't remember wether it was a realtek or sis NIC, but after swapping to the other NIC it helped a lot.

The other thing was to try different versions of firmware for the router. With the linksys router the latest firmware crashed after 5 seconds, the default firmware was locking up at random intervals, sometimes hours, sometimes days - eventually I found a version of the firmware that seemed to exist happily with the rest of my network.

I'd take a look on your routers website and see if it is a known issue and if there is a firmware update or other solution to resolve it.

Is it just happening on one machine or on all the machines connected to the router? Does it happen when certain programs are running? Does your router have an inbuilt modem or is it connecting to an external modem? If its an external modem, see if connecting one computer directly to it solves your problem, then at least you know it is the router. You could try connecting your NIC to another computer or device to see if the connection stayed up when connected to that, or if its just when its connected to the router.

I can't think of anytrhing else to try off the top of my head :c)
I don't think its the router, the other machine on the network works just fine.
Also i can't use the renew ip address command
Khay, it does sound a bit like the first thing Nick stated. I had a similar problem with overnet (eDonkey network) but the problem just POOF went away. Check the DHCP settings on the router.
DCHP settings look fine, it was on, turned it of and set the ips manualy and still same problem, but the other machine connected to the router has no problems anyway.

I'm sure its some sort of file and or configuration problem, theres a few examples of a similar problem around, but not of the suggested fixes work

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