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Network Problem (Delay after welcome screen)...




This is my first post here. I'll be very glad if you reply me.

I have a problem with my network here. I have changed my ethernet controller once. It was a 3com before, now i'm using Realtek. I suspect the problem is something to do with that:

When the windows starts, after the welcome screen and desktop appears there is a huge delay (almost 45 sec). If i unplug the network cable before windows starts there is no delay. How can i solve this problem?

Thank you.


maybe is maybe not

First, I suspect on Realtek NIC. Did you try with third NIC from other supplier i.e D-Link DFE-530TX ? Maybe you have define your WINS server in TCP/IP properties. If you do not have or use WINS server remove this from TCP/IP because workstation try to register to WINS server and if it not exis than send broadcast.

War Priest

What is probably going on is windows trying to creat that "LAC" Local Area Connection, isnt able too, so keeps trying then gives up and completes the boot. So I agree, try another card or updated drivers and see if that works for you.

Good Luck XP_BRO:p


You picked the worst NIC ever

Realtek uses a software based nic setup. The hardware controls the actual connection from the PC southbridge to the NIC and the software controls the MAC and MAC address. In order to get the NIC to work properly, you need to bridge the software and hardware together. The EASIEST way to do this is to run the networking wizard and tell Windows to automatically choose the connection. This will cause Windows to bridge the connections. If you are on a system that uses DHCP authentication, you will have to add the bridged MAC address to the DHCP table in order to gain an IP.


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Try [if it's possible with your current setup] to assign IP adresses manually in stead of using automatic assignement. Worked for me...




does it matter ?

I think that is not important if NIC is DHCP client or address is asigned manualy, of course there is not delay if address is asigned manualy. I even have situations that cable is wrong and client receive address but other network operations are disrupted.

Also I want to know, why somebody posts as signature computer configuration ? Why making noise ? Is this realy important ? What if should on every my message or reply post as signature complete network configuration. I think that this info is obsolete.


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As for the signatures and my reply:

If one is not happy with the reply, one shouldn'tt even bother to try it... But if you aren't willing to try out the suggested solutions, why do you come to this forum?

My signature is still my choice to make, not yours. Your opinion of it beeing obsolete doesn't really matter, plus the signature is a anekdote about computer-addiction as you can or cannot see.

Also, I would like to point out that I wouldn't dare to comment like you after my first few posts... i STILL don't. But hey, that's just me (oh, wait, it's not me, it's called beeing polite, and respectfull to each-other, my bad)



about sigantures

My comment about signature was global, not against your signature or yourself. I came from forum where USEFUL INFORMATION is IMPORTANT. Of course, choice is yours about adding signature, but If you came in forum to find useful information, some stupid signatures IN 50% of forums messages are VERY VERY BIG NOISE making searching very trouble. This was my last comment about signatures.


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Your opinion/information should be posted in forum Website problems/feedback.

AND I still think there is a more friendly way of pointing that out.

AND if you find that there's too much NOISE on this forum, how come that this forum helped many people solve their pc related problems, and no-one complained about signature NOISE before?

AND signatures aren't stupid. They can tell you a lot about the person who posted, plus they add a personal touch to your posts.

IMHO this is bull.... and it's getting off-topic.



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People normally put their PC config as a signature in tech forums for help. Rather then having to re-type their configuration every time they have a problem, its already there in the signature. It helps to know it when diagnosing hardware conflict or incompatability issues. Its just more convienent when needing help concerning hardware issues





Sorry, I am apoligize to all of you that I am offended. I missed in options that I can turn off users siganture. Strange world, in different communities different rules. Several years ago signature was not convenience, now they are required.

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