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24 Jan 2004
i have 3 computers in my home network all runing windows xp, and connected tru a switch, the problem is, i have shared a folder in one of the comps already, the other computer used to be able to look and get the files in the other computer. But now, i can see that folder is been shared e.g. (my shared folders), but when i click it, it freezes. I have pingged the other computer to see if its there, and it indeed is. I have no problem with comp1 to comp2, or comp 2, to comp1, its just when i access comp3, either comp that acess will freeze. My question is, do you guys know what could cause this, and is there a networking program that can detect or fixup the problem. e.g. for spyware u use adaware, for virus u use norton, for networking?

okie let me get this right:

comp 1 -> comp 2 = ok
comp 2 -> comp 1 = ok
comp 1 -> comp 3 = bad
comp 2 -> comp 3 = bad
comp 3 -> comp 1 = ?
comp 3 -> comp 2 = ?

how are you connecting to the computer? my friend had a problem like that and just did it with IE, put in the ip of the box and the directory ($shared for example ) and it joined no problem.
mooo said:
okie let me get this right:

comp 1 -> comp 2 = ok
comp 2 -> comp 1 = ok
comp 1 -> comp 3 = bad
comp 2 -> comp 3 = bad
comp 3 -> comp 1 = ok
comp 3 -> comp 2 = ok

emm how do you do that ip/$shared thing? gimme example pls. im kinda slow wif networking stuff =(....
in the broswer of IE i just type in the computer you are trying to cnnect to's IP and the folder you are trying to find
for example if you had a folder called temp and it was shared on the computer with that ip. you might be able to do it in explorer too but have not tried that. Also check your firewalls on the other box maybe it is blocking incoming transfers. But if the folder you are trying to find is shared it should work in IE no problem
do you have a firewall on the 3rd PC?
no, i have checked that microsoft firewall isnt on. And no 3rd party firewall is on either....wierd...=(

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