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Network Printing Problem (XP w/ win98se)



Ugh, OK.. I am still figuring out XP. I am trying to connect a shared printer between my roomate and I. Its connected to her system (win98se) and I cannot seem to print with XP. The print share option is checked on her system and installed the newest drivers from Lexmark for the printer. I also installed the driver for the Lexmark on my system for XP. I have tried and followed sooo many different ways to do it that I have read but it still isnt working. At first I was getting an error stating that it wasnt connecting to the network printer. Lastly, after I installed the new drivers, my doc would show in the print que, but then after about 20 secs, it would just disappear. And no print...

Anyone with any tips would be appreciated if you could leave them here for me.



my system and my roomates are both desktops. I connect to hers with a crossover cable going to her USB ethernet connection.


more questions

sorry i seem to have more questions than answers!

Printing, as any admin will tell you, is always the biggest headache for daily chores, and Lexmark has more than their share.

Can you access file shares on your roommates comp? Get her to share out a directory and try to read or write to/from it. If you cannot, or it is problematic, try the old ping. If you don't know your IP, you can get it by "ipconfig" on the XP box, and "winipcfg" on the 98 box. ping her computer (all of this is done from the command line), and look for packet loss (you will know it if you see it). If that is the case, replace the cable.

Also, is your roommate connected to the internet, or are you? If so, I assume one of you has 2 network cards/ports?

This is probably not a hardware thing, as hardware usually is "all or nothing", but it's best to eliminate that 1st.


My roomate and I can both acces files from each others computers. That doesnt seem to be a problem. The ping works on both systems too.

My roomate is the one connected directly to the internet connetion. She has an internal card and also a USB plug that my system connects to with the crossover cable.



ok, so now we have isolated the problem:

it is not hardware

it is not TCP/IP or your protocol stack

it is not the drivers for the printer (not as positive, but if they were wrong you would not, in my experience, be able to get ANY response from the printer, as you showed quite clearly)

i am willing to bet it is Lexmark related. ***note, i do not mean it is a bad printer, quite the contrary, but as i may have mentioned b4, i have heard Lexmarks can be picky with printing over a network***

give me til this afternoon, I'm going to do some searching, but i gotta get up out of this chair or i am going to take root.

one thing to try, call out the name Lonman three times...

hee hee


ok, i hope this is it

after searching both the MS Knowledge base and Lexmark Support, they finally coughed up what may be the prob/sol'n.

check out this article, which references the Lexmark site.

just an aside, i used the search terms Lexmark + Networked Printer, but that did NOT yield this result, because that would be too damned LITERAL. God...

anyway, i think it is Lexmark related, and you will see what i mean by the article.

please write back to let me know if this is it.


didnt work.. i think i will just install my printer back up and use it locally. thanks for your efforts tho


ok, i should have tried before I typed the last message, Anyway, I did a fresh install with XP and formatted the old C drive. Upon reinstallation and seetting up a new printer. It automatically found it and installed correctly, AND WORKS. thanks again for your efforts

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