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Network Printer


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I have a nice All In One Brother Printer on my dad's XP computer. My Mom's Vista system, runs and detects and installs drivers without issue to that printer. I do the same step as on my moms, on my Windows 7 system, it detects the printer, but can not connect to it.

Any suggestions.


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Alright, now I finally got it installed and everything.

But when I go to print a page or anything, all I get i either Printing... or Error... Nothing happens, I am currently playing around with network settings and stuff but nothing is helping.

*edit sorry guys, I got it working. I always have issues with networks and printers, how did I get it working. I do not know lol

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When I install my network printer/multi I don't let it automatically detect, instead I manually enter the IP address. For some reason it won't use the IP when creating the IP port for the printer but the device name or something.

I prefer using the IP since I set the printer statically.


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Yea sometimes I think I understand how printers work, and networks. But then something else happens, or does not happen. lol


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I have a hp officejet all in one. It won't install the software that came with it, but it does install the drivers and finds it on the network pretty well ... Works great.


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Hi network printers are so many types in market why because network company's are developed. And at the same time netlink technologies limited was set up in 1992 with a view to link businesses with changing technologies.
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In the main computer where the printer is installed, just go to the Printer folder inside of Control Panel. Right click your All in one printer and then Click Sharing. Click on Share this printer in the window that opens and then hit OK.

Get the IP address of your computer, go to Start, Run, type "cmd" enter, type "ipconfig" enter. Write down where it says "Local Area Connection" IP address: "numbers with dots". After this, move to the computer without a printer.

In the other computer, go to Start, Run, type "\\ipaddress\" where ipaddress are the numbers of the 1st computer. When a windows opens asking for a user name and password input those credentials from your computer. If it doesn't ask it will be even better. Now with this command you will open a folder and the printer will be there. Double click the printer and now the 2nd computer will be able to use it.

BTW, both computers have to be in the same WORKGROUP. to check this: Right click My Computer icon on the desktop, go to properties, Computer name tab. There you can see the WORKGROUP name and even change it.
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For network printer you must properly share printer with your system, without sharing you may not take any print from printer. If you're really working with network system. then you've to share the printer with your system then you main take print according to your desire.
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