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network died...says service isnt started


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so im in chile right now, visiting some family :). my cousin has a home network, 3 pcs, linked through a d-link broadband router. 2 of the pc's are networking fine, they see each other, have access to the printer and have internet. the other one, for some really odd reason, cant startup the network connections service properly. its really weird, i connected the pc to the router, and went into the network connections panel, and i get a message saying that the network connections service cannot be started. i found this to be really weird, so i checked and at the services.msc window, it showed it as being started. i reinstalled the nic it has (a dlink dfe-538tx pci card) and tried to connect again, but it still didnt work. im trying to fix this without actually reinstalling windows, since that would be a pain in the butt...

anyone have any other routes i could take?

thanks in advance,


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ok, i looked in the control panel for the add/remove windows components, but i could only find 3 things listed in the Networking services part:

RIP Listener
Simple TCP/IP Services

(Sorry if the names don't match, I'm translating them from the spanish winxp).

I can't seem to be able to remove xp's networking components, all of them. I scanned for spyware again with S:S&D and adaware and I've removed everything, but I still cant make the network work. Also, when I go into the task manager, in the networking section, it says that there aren't any active network adapters. ive reinstalled the nic many times already, so i know that some part of windows has to be screwed up...


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