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network delays system?



If anyone could help me with this problem I'll be very grateful.

Everything has been working fine with my network (4windows,1mac). I've left
one machine on for about three months, but now my sister is using it and
when she turns it off it creates this peculiar problem on my machine.

Problem: Context menu takes 3-5 seconds when Right clicking on a file
(.zip,.jpg,.doc,.html) takes less than one when opening system features,
such as folders and system properties.

If that computer is on this problem is non existent, or if I disable the
network it also cures it. But how do I fix it?

Note: This has just recently started happening, it's been working perfect since December.

Thanks in advance

mk (retardwithoutaname@yahoo.com)


That is a strange problem, i cant understand how her turning her machine off affects yours ..


Are you sharing a file server , how are you networked ?

Through a hub, switch ?

Try a differnet port on the hub or switch ..

I dunno really i cant figure this one out



Yeah I don't get it either. But that's deffinetly the problem, when that computer is on nothing goes wrong, but when it's off... and it seems the only thing it really does is delay the right click context menu. I was thinking maybe it's looking for some sort of program that is installed on the other system.. but all of the programs I use are installed on my system. I tried switching ports doesn't do a damn thing.



Well, thanks to no ones help (except for a handy dandy context-menu editor, entitled "ContextEdit") I finally fixed the problem. Apparently, what was causing my system to hang when right clicking and opening various files through windows explorer was the "open with" feature. I downloaded a context menu editor from either ZDNet or CNET, removed that option "open with context menu handler" from the property "All files, regardless of extension" (first item that shows up). I still have yet to know why this happened, I'm assuming that since when another computer on my network was on it improved performance, that when trying to find avaible programs to "open with" it was looking for a program on that computer. Still doesn't really make sense since all same applications are removed. Also, with the editor you can add options to certain extentions (or all) such as "Edit with Photoshop" to Gifs and Jpgs. Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there if anyone was having similar troubles, maybe it will give you the same results.


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