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Hi guys .. Sorry but it seems I have another problem. Currently, my notebook PC is running Vista SP1, and the wireless driver is using Intel 4965AG version dated 13 March 2008.

Problem is the wireless will be working ok, and out of sudden loses connectivity and shows "Limited Connectivity" error. When this happens, there is no connection to the router as I tried to ping the IP address of the router and got "Request timed out" reply.

I have attached some snap shots and hope someone could help me out if you have the same problem and solution. Many thanks in advance. :nervous::nervous:


Same thing here, but instead of wireless, i'm plugged into the router. it'd show either limited connectivity, or two connections when i only have one. I think it's the problem with the router, and it's support for IPv6. Try reseting your router, (not hard reset or factory restore(yet)) and see does it still occur.
Try uninstalling the card and removing all drivers...starting from scratch as much as possible.

I've seen this happen on a number of Windows systems. If that doesn't work, I'm not sure what to tell you. Most of the time I get frusturated and start fresh.
I hope you don't have a Belkin brand router. They're terrible. Your wireless performance can depend so much on which router you use. Not just which brand but also specific models within the brand. So I guess I'm asking what brand and model router you have?

Next question is how far away and how many walls are typically between your laptop and your router?

I have no specific experience with Intel's wireless solutions, but I would more easily suspect the router than the laptop.
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Thanks for your feedback guys. :nervous::nervous:

I am currently using Linksys firmware 1.01.11. Previously everything is ok, I realize this problem starts popping up after I installed SP1 for Vista but then again I might be wrong.

I don't think it's the router really because once I get the "Limited Connectivity" error, I just need to turn off the wireless, turn it back on and it will be ok.

Other devices (PS3, another notebook) all works fine. :devious::devious:


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Are you using any wireless security WEP/WPA? within your connection?

Are you using DHCP? I would try a manual IP Address to see if the same thing happens. If you can get an unencrypted long lasting connection with a manual IP Address, then the problem is probably the DHCP client.

Just a thought. Hope it helps


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Yes, I deployed WPA in my wirless environment but not DHCP. As I only have a few clients, I used static IP for all my devices so that rules out DHCP problem.

But thanks for your advise.


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Have you tried temporarliy turning off yoru WPA to see if you an get a longer connection?

If it does connect for a short time and then you get the limited connectivity, this could be related to WPA. WPA will make a temporary connection in order to setup the encrption, if the encryption fails, it will then pop up with limited co.nnectivity screen

I think you can check your Event Log for WPA failure information and for troubleshooting.

As previously noted, some routers and wireless cards don't play well together. I have had trouble for example getting D-Link cards to connect to LinkSys routers. If you have a spare PCMCIA/USB Wif card to try out in the laptop, that might help rule out the laptop card itself.

Some latops (for whatever reason) don't have very good reception on the internal card. I'm not sure if they are just tuned incorrectly or what, but they just don't want to maintain a stable connection.

If you can get it to work well without WPA, I would check for updated firmware for the card and/or drivers which might help solve the problem.

Good Luck !

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