network cable length?


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is the maximum length for a network cable 100 meters without having a switch in between and another wire?
Look at it as if the network signal runs out of gas after 100 meters, yea, you can push it if your good - but usually it conks out at less than 100 meters. (If you want to go farther, use fiber or 10-Base 2 (coax).


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what about wifi? cuz the thing is two people on my compound live like maybe 200 meters away or 300 and they wanna get adsl and share it. well wifi would not reach right? since its not far reaching and through walls. is there anything else we could do?


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For wifi get an antenna, it allows the signal to reach a maximum distance of around 5km. This, however, is the approximate distance between two points that are in direct line of sight. i.e. no obstacles in between them like a wall.

As for network cable, I'm not too sure which type of cable you are talking about since there are a number of different network cables you could use.


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Here are the numbers for 100 Mhz ethernet:
One interesting note. The max length is set by the protocal timing, not the cable quality. But make sure you use Cat 5 cable or you won't even get the 100 meters due to noise.

For 10mhz can go much longer if you have coax connectors on your cards and can afford the coax:
You can use Cat 3 cable for this but why bother. I see Cat 5 selling cheaper than Cat 3 now.

There are "long range" wifi equipment available but they are intended for commercial applications and are priced accordingly.


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ok so what i need is a wireess router for the pcs with the dsl and the cantenna , and for the remote pc is a wireless access point and the cantenna?

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