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I have two PC's both running XP Pro, when they are both powered up, the network operates fine. However if I downpower one of the PC's I get a 'Network Cable is unplugged' message appear in the task bar. This I thought was fine, but upon booting the machine again (the other PC being off at the time) it takes about 5 mins for my PC to boot (the taskbar eventually shows the network icon with a cross in it). It wouls appeare that my PC is trying to find or assign itself an IP Address, but it never does due to my nic stating the cable is unplugged. Booting both PC's together removes this problem and it only takes around 30 secs for each machine to fully boot. The nic is a D-Link 530tx.
I've ordered a hub (as I believe this will help my nic see a connection to at least the hub). Also I never see my own pc in the network places (unless the other PC is on, then I see both PC's in the network places). I have two static defined ip address.

Help !!!
If the PCs are directly connected with a crossover cable, that is normal. When the other machine shuts down, the link goes down, and the other comptuer assumes that the line is not active.

As for the bootup problem, i have no idea what would cause that. I don't think it would be the DHCP thing though.

mapped drives?

perhaps the PC is trying to find a mapped drive to the other machine which is turned off?

is one functioing as a DHCP server, and/or are you running Internet Connection Sharing?
hi all, thanks for your input. Just to clarify a few things.

I don't have internet connect sharing activated.
I do have a crossover cable and the network is fine.
But... the second PC (both are using D-Link 530tx nics) boots up perfectly and doesn't show a disconnected network sysmbol in the taskbar, infact it picks up the static address I assigned to it and show itself as a PC under network places.

If I do exactly the same on the 1st pc it shows cable is unplugged and never picks up the assigned static ip address (it also doesn't show itself as a PC on the network places folder). When both machines are on (as I previouslu said) they see each other and it's all pucker across the network.

For the really weird bit. I have a system restore point which I can load up where the network works fine and my PC doesn't take 5 mins to complete loading (even when the second PC is off). The cable disconnected is still there but I can see my PC on it's own in the Network places. But !!!! If I dial in to the internet (via a modem) and then re-boot, the network gets all screwed and it'll take 5 mins again to boot my PC. It looks as though it's getting muddled with my modem TCP/ip set up and my LAN TCP/IP set up, or at least as soon as I hooked to the internet something gets changed the next time I boot.

Arrrggghhh I can't put my finger on it !
there's one thing i don't understand. all i'm picturing is the crossover cable between the two machinies. where is the internet connection? i think you are right, that is probably at least related, since as you pointed out, the war you reproduce the problem is by connecting to the internet and rebooting...

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