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network and internet not working with switch connected to router



Please help somebody:

I currently connect three computers and a playstation 2 to the internet with a Linksys befsr41 router. There are wires running all over the place, and I want to clean it up. I don't want wireless right now, mainly because the playstation 2 does not connect wireless. I am also buying a fourth computer which I want to hook up to the internet also.

I bought a 5-port workgroup switch from Linksys (EZXS55W), connected it with a straight through UTP cord. Connected it to a normal port on the router and the uplink port on the switch. Now I connected my laptop to a normal port on the switch and tried to get online or even on the local network.
It does not work!!!! I tried a lot of things, one of them is just connecting the wire from the Router directly to the laptop, and voila the internet connection and local network are there (whicht means the connection from the router is good, at least to me it does). If I put the switch in between there is no connection at all, although the link/act lights are all indicating normal.

I really don't know what it is, the laptop has been online already and I don't expect the software to be messed up, it just doesn't want to work through the switch.

Can anybody give me a tip or a solution to this problem, thank you very much.

Again my setup at this time:

DSL modem connected to the Linksys BEFSR41 Router connected to 2 computers + EZXS55W Switch (Now trying to get my laptop to work from this switch) All the light indicate the right things, but I cannot detect the network or the internet from my laptop.
I already pinged, searched, put manual IP with gateway in there, but nothing works, please help.



hmm seemed to be a bad cable

I troubleshooted some more and finally I decided to reroute my cable. voila the cable was the problem, still don't understand why it would work directly to the computer but not when it was connected to the switch.

But now I know what it is and it works like a charme. I can get 8 computers online and talking to each other.




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I'm looking at my befsr41 manual:

"...connect a hub or a switch to your Router.

To do so, use the Router's Uplink port to connect to a standard port on a hub or switch. If you have a pc/device connected to the port right next to the uplink port disconnect that pc/device and plug it into an open port on the new hub or switch... since the uplink port shares internal wiring with the port right next to it, you can only use one of these two ports at a time (shared ports)"

So Router>Uplink port>switch (don't use router port 1 anymore)

Make sense?

linksys user guide p. 20


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Hi ,

You may try this process to connect internet, You should look at the contract with your ISP.
You Internet Service Provider should have send you a letter with your authentification data for your internet connection (username and password).
In the router, you have to use these information, to configure the authentication at your Internet Provider.
To do this, you have to open your internet browser and type in the address line:
Then you first have to login to the router (see the routers manual for username and password).
After that, you have to configure the ISP data, also see the routers manual.

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Robart, Welcome to the forums.. You may want to look at the dates on the threads.. this one is almost 10 years old and the original author is no longer a member here.

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