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Network Access


--== babyface ==--
Hi Guys .. Need a little advise here if possible.

I recently added a new hard disk drive and made it as a single volume partition with dynamic disk configuration on my win XP pro machine. I intend to use this drive to store all my important work, and enable sharing so that I could access my files from my notebook as it is hooked up on the same network. I also setup Serv-U FTP so that I could login from outside to retrieve any files which I may need.

Under the securities setting for this volume, Administrators group and Everyone has everything allowed, but a user called SCA (which is created for my housemate) has everything denied because I do not wish for him to see some of my confidential files.

The problem is when I try to access the folder from my notebook in the LAN, I can do so but all files are read only and I cannot even save a file into it nor copy anything into the volume. Similarly, I am able to login to the FTP server from outside, but can't complete login because its like access to the destination path is denied.

Can anyone advise me what settings on the security for the users to set to rectify this issue please? : ) Many thanks!!!


Just a thought. Make sure that the user your logging in as, is not a member of a more restricted group.

*edit* And check the security on any folders you made as well.


--== babyface ==--
I have checked under the permision sharing and only Everyone is listed there. Read option is enable so that should be the reason why.

How do I set in such that no users on the network is able to access the share except for me myself?

Is there a way?? And what about FTP services? It seems that logging in from and FTP client could not access the drive despite having the group everyone set to full access?


--== babyface ==--
I can't really remember though but most likely guess is yes.

I will double check on that. Meanwhile, how should I configure the security settings for the drive so that it could be access by a user that is created under the FTP service (Serv-U)?

For example, if I create a user called Dennis and assign the home directory for this user to be locked in an E: drive, and incidently this is the drive that contains all the important files, so I only wish for my authorized entry and no one else, but also allowing Dennis from the FTP service to access if authenticated by Serv-U .. is there a way? Or what is the common thing that you guys do? : )


From what I understand, you want an FTP user to have access to a special folder on E: (which is the users home directory). But, not have access to your stuff..

You only need to configure the FTP server to allow access to this dedicated (home) directory. Dennis shouldnt be able to get outside of his home directory.


--== babyface ==--
Thats the problem : )

I am able to login into the FTP server but not able to see the home directory (which is the e: drive) because the error message is like "doesn't support PASV" or something like that. I suspect it has something to do with the security settings to that drive though ..?

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