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I have XP pro and am on a network. I have two questions. 1.Why is the C drive shared and why won't it allow me to unshare it? It says, this share was created for administrative purposes only and it will become shared again once the server service is restarted. 2.Is there a way to password protect access to my computer from the network, or better yet, just have it not be visible to the network? Thanks!


The hidden admin (C$) share is actually a registry setting, but off the top of my head I can't remember where it is to toggle it off. However, you could just simply raise the firewall on the NIC, and uncheck "File and Printer Sharing" (along with "Client for MS Networks" if you aren't logging onto a workgroup or domain) and that should take care of you showing up in network neighborhood, along with canning potential incoming requests on default shares since it will no longer have a way to handle them.

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