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I'm just about to set up my new PC with XP installed. My current network consists of two 98se PCs. As I'm using Sygate to share my internet connection I have set up file & printer sharing using TCP/IP as recommended in readiness for replacing one of the 98 machines with an XP Home PC. I've also checked the Netbios option.

The remaining 98 PC uses Family Logon to allow two users to have different desktop settings. One user has a password, the other doesn't. This is the PC running Sygate Home Networking.

Can someone advise if file & printer sharing will work simply by setting up the local connection - manually as suggested - or will I need to set up users and passwords on the XP machine to allow it to access the 98 machine. This is the one area where I'm a bit confused.

If I do need to set up users can someone point me in the right direction please?
If you have advanced file sharing enabld (it is off by defualt) you need to create two usernames on the XP machine, with the exact same password as the Family Logon names on the Win98.

So if your users on the 98 family logon are "Bill" with no password and "Joe" with the password "winxprocks" you need to go to the XP user control panel, and create a user with the name "Bill" with no password and a user "Joe" with the pasword "winxprocks"

If you are not using advanced permission based file sharing, none of that is necissary. Just check the box as to wether all users can write or not, depending on your preference. You need to enable the advanced permision based (Windows 2000 Style) file sharing with user based permission.

There are basically 2 types of access sharing: user level and share level. User level sharing requires an authentication server, (to verify the logon ID and password against a database ) - not very likely on a home network.

Share level access means that once file and printer sharing is enabled, you can decide, at the folder level, if that folder will be shared or not (right click on the folder name in Windows Explorer and select sharing). It's all or nothing with share level access, all users get access or none do.

If you run the Network Setup wizard in XP, you can create a floppy disk to automatically setup the 98SE machines for file and printer sharing. Enabling individual folder access is done manually.

If you have a firewall, make sure you configure it so that the IP address of the PCs is local, or ' friendly'. Otherwise you'll only see the PC name on the network, you won't be able to access the folder, even if the folder is shared.
Thanks for the replies. I'm glad to say everything is up and running and no problems at all. In fact having read about all the problems on here and newsgroups about networking 98 with XP, I was very surprised at how easy it all was. XP detected my network as soon as I booted up.

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