Netware messed up everything


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13 Jan 2002
hey guys i was fixing a pc for somone and the internet connnection sharing had been disabled by netware so i uninstalled it and then when i go to where u enable ics it gives me this its in french but it basically says this: Windows cannot post the properties this connection. Information of the lnfrastructure of Windows(WMI) management has been damaged. it tells me to use system restore, i try that but it doesnt resotre properly. i even tryed intstalling a full version of netware and uninstalling it didnt do anything. how can i fix this so ics can be enabled?


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anyone know a solution? comeon ill give u extra credit!LOL im thinking of installing service pack 2 since maybe that updates the networking and stuff. btw how can i save the files of service pack 2 so i can migrate it to another system without downloading it again

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