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Netscape Communicator Errors



I'm running into sporadic & intermitent error events which cause my Netscape browser to shut down. How can I diagnose & correct this issue?

My internet connection at the time consists of Win XP Home; Netscape 4.79; Zone Alarm 2.6.3 (free download not Pro) & Netzero ISP. PC is 1.6Mhz Pentium 4 with 528 Mb RAM.

Browser normally works just fine. When it quits, it doesn't drop the modem or ISP connection. The Win XP Error Reporting box opens, asking if I want to forward the report to MS (I click no) & Netscape closes - losing any work that's going on.

When I click on Netscape icon; it re-opens & browses OK. This, obviously, appears to be a Netscape browser issue.

Your assistance will be very much appreciated.

Best regards, Dick

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
Seeing as nutscrape is AOL I am not suprised that your having trouble did'nt you know Uncle Bill has taken AOL out of his will?

Sorry I dont know what to tell ya AOL and M$ just dont get along they are always going at each other in court, guess you could try a different version or uninstall it all and reinstall maybe that will clear it up


Thanks for the replies guys.

Bob & Mafia, Have used "nutscape 4.79" and Zone Alarm for years with Win 98 & never had this situation - until XP came along! I think Explorer "sux" - too many security holes for me! Maybe Opera is the answer.

Kermit, from what I'm told (& experienced too) Zone Alarm Pro is the trouble maker. The "freebie" usually plays nice with the other kids.

Dunno, maybe Uncle Bill "fixed" Xp so it wouldn't behave when Netscape is around.


To be fair, Netscape 4.7 wasn't too bad. However, version 6.0 ? Don't get me started.


I didn't care for Netscape 6.0 either. It gave me trouble from the git-go so I dumped it & went back to 4.79.

I've tinkered a bit with just released 7.0 (based on Mozilla) & it seems to be pretty good. Maybe I should use it some more to see if it's more compatible with XP.

Best regards, Dick

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