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Netscape Browser 8 Beta...


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Has anyone else tried this new browser from Netscape, if so what are your opinions?

Are there any extensions for Netscape yet? Even though it's built on FF technology it doesn't support FF extensions or at least not the ones I have tried.

Compared to current top browsers - IE, Mozilla/FF and Opera, how does Netscape perform?

Is Netscape any more secure than Mozilla/FF and how does it's ability to render pages using IE compromise its security if any?

Other than all these questions, there is one thing I can comment on breifly about the new Netscape browser and that's the security options you get with each tabbed page. Also there are more integrated features with Netscape that you get out of the box, whereas with FF you need to install/download an extension to get such funtionality.

Of course, with Netscape browsers you do tend to get things you don't really need or want and Netscape browsers are mostly referred to as bloated and things are no different with the new 8.0 beta.
i normally dont do beta's, but i thought what the heck. It is based from firefox. It seems to run ok but have only had it installed a few minutes. I don't like the look of it.... the blue needs to go. As sson as I figure it out, the them will change.

unlike firefox, this doesnt seem to have the fuzzy words, so thats a plus.
I'll try it (only because I like to try new stuff), but I'm pretty sure there haven't been any major UI changes since the last build, which means it'll get uninstalled very quickly.

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