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Netgear WTG624 V2 Port Forwarding Help Needed


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I need help with portforwarding my router for a game name Gunz Online.

Ive tried everything i can and called comcast and netgear for help

Also asked a few of my friends.

Please help my replying to this post or giving me a Aim username or MSN username.

Thank you.
Some routers you have to set the "triggers" as well as the "ports" to forward.

Before getting into details set the router to DMZ for the IP of the computer you are using. DMZ will appear as an Advanced option on the router setup. That opens up the router straight through to the internet and is not the prefered method. We are doing this as a quick check to make sure everything else will allow you to connect. If Gunz works this way then the problem is just in the router port forwarding setup.

I assume you have admin privilieges on the router, and have entered the ports required for the Gunz game? GunZ requires you to forward the 7700-7800 ports. Your router must support forwarding a range of ports. Also set the triggers for the same range.
Check this link for assorted router port forwarding instrucitons.

If DMZ did not work you may have a software firewall (Zonealarm, Windows Firewall, etc.) interfering with the Gunz game.
The forwarding and triggering setup looks good. That should work.

You need to make sure the PC you are gaming from is assigned the internal IP address which is what DMZ is set on.

Open a dos window, type ipconfig and hit enter. The info on your network connection will be listed. Your internal IP is one of the first items.

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