Netgear DG814 problems


Mad as a Lorry
I've just bought a new Netgear DG814 DSL modem/router and I'm having various problems.

For information : I'm running XP Prof with Norton Personal Firewall 2003 installed. I have an active 2Mbps ADSL connection through BulldogDSL (confirmed using my old Alcatel Speedtouch modem).

The first problem I have is that whenever I try to change anything in the router's configuration (eg Idle timeout, Port forwarding etc.), when I click Apply (it's all done through a web browser btw), instead of a confirmation all I get is a frame on the web page showing a list of fonts (e.g "courier new 10, Arial 10", etc etc.), and none of my settings are changed. The same thing happens if I try to run the Setup Wizard, or if I try to upgrade the firmware (it already has the latest firmware from July this year). I have managed to get it to keep my login details, so I can connect, but now I can't change anything !!! I've tried disabling my software firewall, but still no joy ! It's bleeding frustrating !!

This is actually the second DG814 I've had, after the first one had the same problem and I called up Netgear's helpdesk who told me to get it replaced as it was faulty (their words !!). But with the same thing happening to my new one, either I'm very unlucky, or it's something to do with the setup of my machine.

Also, when it does connect, it only stays connected for maybe 15 mins before dropping the connection, and then I have to power cycle the router to get it back.

I'm seriously thinking of ditching it and going back to my Speedtouch USB now as it's doing my head in !

Any help would be appreciated greatly !


PS. I'll post a screenshot of what I get later on today.


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Does the SpeedTouch modem handle connections above 800kbps?
I've got the DG814 but have no problems of your sort.
Maybe you should try it on another machine, say your friend's one to make sure where the fault lies. Get everything configured there before heading home to use it.

One other thing - the 15 mins connection drop is most probably due to overheating of the router. I had this problem a few months back and now it's working fine.


Mad as a Lorry
Thanks for your reply ming..

Yeah, the speedtouch modem handles speeds over 800kbps with no problems.

I did wonder about the overheating problem - how the hell can I make it any cooler though, other than getting a fan and keeping it blowing on it ?!?! My PCs in my bedroom, sitting on the floor as I don't have a desk, so the only place for the router is either on top of the PC or on the floor.

I might try it on a friend's machine, but I only reinstalled XP last week (formatted and installed), so can't really see it being that...
Might be worth a go though..

Any other ideas ??


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Ventilation is a problem with routers. The only thing I can think of is to put it somewhere where there is some sort of wind that can circulate the air just above the holes you can see at the top.


Mad as a Lorry
Here's the picture of the botched confirmation page when I try to apply any settings : DG814

Any ideas ?? I've tried installing Sun's Java runtime, but it doesn't look like java to me... Anyone ?


Mad as a Lorry
Cheers Enyo..

I've just done what you said about adding it to the Trusted Sites zone, then resetting the zone security to default, but still no joy I'm afraid - I still just get that bleeding list of fonts whenever I apply anything !!

Help !!


Mad as a Lorry
Yeah, it happens everytime I apply any configuration changes, such as changing the default password, upgrading firmware, setting up port forwarding, applying basic settings.. anything that involves it saving changes.

My firmware version is V4.8.1 July. 17, 2003 . I'm using IE6 SP2, but I've also tried Mozilla Firebird and it does exactly the same thing.

Any other ideas ? I'm about ready to jack it in and get my money back !!!


Mad as a Lorry
I think I've solved it !! It's my bleeding firewall screwing it up.. disabling it makes everything work properly with the router config.. Only thing is, I don't really want to be without a firewall... Any suggestions as to what to use with it (running Norton Personal Firewall 2003 at the mo) ? I don't believe being behind NAT is enough is it ?


Mad as a Lorry
Just want to say a big thanks to Enyo for your Kerio tip - I've just got rid of Norton and installed Kerio and... it all works 100% !! You've saved me another trip to Tottenham Court Road (dammit !!) :p


Mad as a Lorry
By the way, in case you're interested, I sorted out the connection-dropping problem by reducing the MTU from 1483 to 1400. It now stays on permanently with no connection-drops !

Got there in the end (with a little help !) :D

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