Netgear 5-port switch problem


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7 Mar 2004
Ok, here's the deal:

I have my server downstairs in a closet hooked up to a 5-port netgear switch, the new silver kind. The switch is connected to my router upstairs via a 50ft patch cable. For some reason, when the server is connected to the switch, the upload speed outside of the network is crap. If i plug the server directly into the router via the 50ft cable it works fine.

I kinda need this switch cause i use it to connect the ps2 up also and play games online. Why the heck would a switch be causeing this kind of problem?
Make sure you're using good quality cable, for one... I always use Fast CAT5e, not just standard cat5 or cat5e... We actually have 2 switches linked here and they work perfectly fine.... computers on the 2nd switch get the same transfer rates as those on the first switch. I don't see having daisy-chained switches as being a problem in and of itself. It doesn't sound to me like the issue is the cable connecting the two switches since the server runs fine off it... Perhaps a bad piece of cable connecting the server to the switch? or perhaps a bad switch?
hmmmmmmm...tommorow i will investigate the switch isolated, and make sure all the cables im using are good.

I know the 50ft cable and all the fairly short cables in the router stack are Cat6 cables. I think the one on the server may be a really old cat 5, so i may need to replace that
let us know how it works out... The cable sounds like it's the culprit, to be honest.

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