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NetBeans Programming Help

Hello, My current problem is... How do i create a Welcome message to a user and then ask them to input a designated password such as "Hello12345" before accessing the program?

The Bigger problem im slowly progressing on is:

Been trying to learn abit of Java through Online Examples and one of my friends at university, but by working backwards, by looking at a program see how its made then attempting it myself, My current project is a Moon Lander of which i got the idea from My friend at uni who has just finished a similar project.
The program needs to

Display a message, which welcomes the user to the program and asks them to log in, Login Name, Password Etc before someone can use the program.

I Want to include a form which allows the user to enter there name, job and mission number which updates each time the program is run.

The “Mission Information” form should include a suitable logo, e.g. NASA, a picture of the moon, or a spaceship.

I'd like the program to display a representation of the Explorer travelling towards the surface, and also allow the user to monitor the vehicle and control its speed, and allow the user to input relevant information such as space and surface conditions. Some sort of basic graphical representation must be included. It must be updated at least once per second after the program starts running.

· The application must display the following information relating to the vehicle:-

Current conditions on the planet surface. (Is it dark or light? What is the surface temperature?)
Current speed relative to the moon surface (updated every second).
Distance from the planet surface (updated every second)
Time left (in seconds) before the vehicle meets the ground
A visual indicator showing the current position of ship and its progress towards the proposed landing site.
If anyone could help me with this it would be great, Hints, Tips, Example Code, anything really. Thanks.
I had to write a networked Guess Who game in Java a couple years ago. I also used logins but for the sake of simplicity I loaded up the main game window, then when a person said they wanted to play they would get the pop-up asking for their name.

The only other thing is load up the main part of the interface then trigger a JOptionPane or whatever its called and ask for the login. I just found it easier that way and I also attached the File, Edit, View toolbar menu to the main game window.
Hello, Thanks for the help on the login, seems abit clearer to me now. Read some of the Java books and sites, but they kind of assume i know all the phrases and such, which i dont, Netbeans is quite easy to use and does quite abit for you you see. When it comes to the Representation of the Lander, Leaving Earth, such as a large Blue Circle, heading to the moon a Large Grey circle n the lander being a small Red Circle for example, how do i go about this? espesially when it comes to it being update every second and implementating a slider etc to control speeed? im finding it quite difficult to even start this part. Any help would be much appreciated.
You might want to look into Java2D. As far as the slider goes I think there is a JSlider which you would probably just want to attach an anonymous method to which will change a speed variable in the game. If you make the speed between 0 and 100 you will make your life easier ;)

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