Net worked machine making a hell of a noise.


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5 Mar 2002
Since netorking a 98 machine to a XP , using realtec rtl8139/810x ethernet card. Sometimes the noise which come from this card is unbearable , i thought at first it was a wire rubbing the CPU fan until i opened the box. It sound similar to when a dial up modem is connecting but all rumbled together, the only way to cure this is to reboot the machine. Any idea's how to rectiy this, is there a volume on it like a modem????
network cards aren't supposed to make sounds...

i would recommend taking it back to where you got it and getting a different one.
the card should be totaly silent i would have thought??
i have 2 of them cards... no noise at all

(using driver version - 5.611.1231.2003)
do you have a modem installed also? Maybe it IS the modem making the noise. Take it out.
ok ure card is frying out thats an electrical failure ......TAKE IT BACK NOW!!!
Network cadrs shouldn't make noise. The operating frequency is 1,000-10,000 times too high to hear. But, if the isolation transformes they use are not assembled right they can vibrate in the audible range. You might be able to make it stop by tapping it when it's being noisy.

Get it replaced, it will fail eventually.
going allong with general consesus, take it back, get a new one... i recommend 3com

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