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.NET update creates new user?


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Did a windows update yesterday and downloaded/installed the latest .net updates.

While modifying user settings this morning, I noticed a new user in the listing, ".Net Machine A." :mad:

Granted, I was foolish to install an update without reading up on it first, but I'm a little annoyed that M$ put the farg'n thing in without a prompt. I use the asp.NET platform on occasion for development so I didn't think twice.

M$ really ticked me off this time and I deleted the account without digging around to see what was residing. Anyone else have it?


Yes, updates from XP and up do sometimes create other users for adminstration and permission purposes... what's your problem?

Depending on settings you have, users are created and removed by the system.

You think MS is gonna single you out and hack into your computer? LOL, relax, I think you're a bit too paranoid this time.


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Not paranoid, fusion260, just annoyed. I hardly ever worry about intrusions on this box. However, not all of us are aware of (nor keen on the idea of) user changes.

What are you, an MS rep? You have that tone... :p

The ASP.NET Machine Account is the account ASP.NET pages (.aspx,.ascx etc.) and .NET Webservices are executed under. This account is created by the .NET Framework installation while IIS is configured to run AP.NET web applications. Unless you want to develop and run ASP.NET pages on your local IIS installation deleting the account should have no side affects but I would recommend to delete the IIS Script mappings for the .aspx etc. extensions referring to aspnet_wp.exe as well.


fusion260, diligence is not paranoia. Many noticed the same thing and were equally inquisitive.

Users are not often "created and removed by the system" and i also cant recall a update that has created a new user. They generally dont.

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