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Nero vs. Nero Express



I want my CD-Rs & CDRWs to work so I say EasyCD Plat.5, and the fancy interface is a bonus. :D


Well, this poll went nowhere, huh?! I use the command line switch for Express. Little faster to navigate for me, but yes, GUI really doesn't matter, as long as the burns are good.......

BOXMAN, NEOTERIXX, nice systems.........:D


Help me out 4 a sec?

Nero Express is nice, lacking some features...But..can Nero normalize all songs for the making of a CD? I havent found the button, maybe cause im a bonehead, Xpress has it very clear. Plz tell me if i can find that bad boy in Nero. Thanks Boys

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I think Nero was supposed to be a cheaper version of Nero and would be run automtically with Specific key codes, but if you prefer the express interface, as I think I do, and don't really perform advnaced burning operations.. it's great.


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You cant teach a old dog new tricks :)

I;ve been using classic for as long as i can remember and i tried express yesterday
i hated it... too much colour and easyness for me :->


About Nero

Both are one and the same thing, and their functionality is same. I personally like the Express because it is easier like the Easy CD Creator, I wonder if people at Nero took an envious glance at the Roxio software and quietly implemented the express version to boost their popularity? I have been using Easy CD Creator without a problem and it is believe me you, solid as a rock, some flaws have been rectified in the newer version. For the gereral information of all the members in this forum, I run Nero and Easy CD Creator side by side without any conflicts. Getting back to the silly question of whether a member likes the GUI of Express as opposed to the bland Nero, for the same reason why Microsoft introduced the XP with a brand new interface and colourfull GUI, after Mac OS X was introduced and it caught on like wild fire, why is that then windows users want to make their XP look like Mac OS X ?. There is a ciritical point here that everyone seems to be overlooking the GUI which is the basis for any software presentation. What if XP had no new themes ? and it looked much like Windows 2000, would anyone want to own XP I guess not XP was based on Windows 2000 kernal and GUI made it more appealing. One needs a colour not black and white. I like the express. If Nero were quiet satisfied with their original version why did they change the GUI ?



Just tried Nero Express. It is very easy to use. I think it's perfect for doing quick file backups.


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I've recently been using Express, seems quite good especially for new comers, but if you want a quick simple burn then use the wizard in Nero, quicker IMO. Generally I only use nero if I have a whole CD to write, if I just have a couple of file I want to bung on a CDWR then I just use windows

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