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Nero problems



Damn forum lost my message!! arghh I h8 that, any way I did have a large message but the basics of it are I'm trying to burn a SVCD to work in a DVD player from a .avi with Nero or Nero Express but neither will work any suggestions or other ways round it?


yeah ive already got that installed, if I didnt I dont think I'd be able to get as far as I did, is there any other way round it, for example, different CD burning software or is nero the only 1 that supports it?


If nero is having problems encoding from the AVI file to Mpeg then it is possible that the file has compressed audio possibly due to being originally encoded with DivX or such. If this is the problem then you need to uncompress it so the avi file has PCM stereo.

There is a program called decompress.exe which usually comes with a program called avi2vcd. Both are freeware and can usually be found from sites such as www.vcdhelp.com

Find the program and run the exe pointing it to the .avi file if you end up with a larger avi file as a result then it had compressed audio, try Nero on the resultant larger .avi and see if it then excepts it for encoding.



Damn Nero....

Ok so about a week ago i wanted to burn a cd. Ok no problems. I have a 24X Burner with an 8MB buffer (never dropped a cd yet).
Ok so basically now i cant burn past 8X otherwise it gives me an "unspecified error" and kills the cd. I am getting pissed. Any help is great appreciated.





I'm not an expert on this, but have managed to burn a few VCD's with Nero.

From what I've read (especially at www.vcdhelp.com) the encoding included in Nero isn't up to much. If you want good quality, you'd be better off encoding your file another way before asking Nero to burn the SVCD (maybe VirtualDub / FlaskMPEG / TMPGEnc etc..).

Try and get it so that when you ask Nero to burn your file, it does not say it needs to do any conversions to the video before burning.

Hope this helps - much more detail on this sort of stuff at the vcd help site.


when converting a AVI (DIvx) to VCD with nero I have found better resolts using the image writer first - once the image file is created i then dump it to CD.

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