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Nero problems after format and install

I reformatted my pc and after installing Nero,i cannot burn cd's, it comes with the error "No Fixation" and then stops. Before i formatted i still couldn't burn a cd everytime as it would burn it and i could see it on the disc but i couldn't read it.i burned on the same disc several times ,each burn the same. Even on another pc i could not read it , any ideas would be great.

Now fixed at last. The reason for it was that the default setting for data had changed to "track at once". All that grief for that. Cheers everone for your suggestions
I have tried it with XP software as well and still it writes the disc but cannot view it. I have downloaded the MS FIX

But cannot install it due to having a SP1 installed already.

Also i have a Pioneer 105 and have no problems burning a dvd. Could cd laser be goosed
Can't get aspi to install , tried FORCEASPI but can't even install that, when i run the "aspichk.exe" check tool it says that cant install older version?????? I can't find them on my hd


The Analog Kid
Nero comes with it's own aspi layer: winaspi32.dll

burnatonce and burrrn are both initially set to use XP's native SPTI interface, no ASPI needed.

Also make sure you turn of the IMAPI service.
ok ill try that. But have done a search for winaspi32.dll and cannot find it on my system where should they be and where can i download them
No i have only installed the drivers that come with the mobo and have had nop problem with them.
Removed the burner and used it in another pc with no problems so dvd combo is fine, but thinking back i did change the ISO settings so i coud make a bootable SLIPSTREAM XP DISC, might have something to do with it but you would think a format would erase these settings.Oh i have tried burning an audio disc and had no problems so it must be the ISO settings for burning a DATA disc, can anyone send me the defaults or how to change them back again.
glad you figured it out. I would suggest in the future to keep burnatonce around because 1) it can do most of what nero can do much neater and easier
2) It is small and can be run without being installed.

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