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5 Jul 2002
When creating DVDs full of various types of data (mpgs, music, docs etc) using Nero 6 they dont seem to work in other people's DVD drives. The data IS on them but cant be accessed.

Should i be using multisession dvds or when i'm given the option should i never use them?

Thank u :)
can you see all the data on the disc when it is in the DVDWriter drive?
No, but Nero reads it as having x mb's of data...just nothing can be read off it. RAW mode is mentioned but i dont know what that is.
IF it was written in raw mode, you may have a problem. How bout telling us what kind of drive you have?
Would the Joilet and ISO write modes affect it in any way?
I have a Lite-On DVD wonderfully well, i think i have been using the wrong settings in Nero though. Any suggestions?

Else, what other decent dvd/cd software would you recommend?
Good Drive. Stick with Nero.

No Mulitsession
Stick with joliet files system and an ISO disc (9660)
Maybe try using Nero Express or the wizard view...
thanks dreamliner...thanks all!

Will take note of your advice ready for next time!

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