Nero gone wrong!


the retarded one
ok, problem! when i try and burn a disc the used read buffer starts off at 100% and then about halfway through the burning it starts going down to 0 and then back up to 100 again, it keeps doing this until it's finished burning and it takes about 6 minutes to burn one disc! the recorder buffer level/state also goes down to about 30%, which stops the burning altogether and when it eventually goes up to 98% again it carries on burning! something's not right! anyone? btw the burner can only burn at 32x now even tho it's a 48x


burning at 32X you should be able to pump out a CD in less than 4 mins(650meg)

usually when you see the buffer going up and down its cuz your loading programs while burning ..or something in the background is accessing your HD

some burners dont like certain media ...try some different brands to see if thats the prob


the retarded one
i had some crappy cheap cd's first and about 1/4 of them didn't burn properly, when the buffer went down that was it, it said there was a write error, so i bought some samsung cd's, the same problem with the buffer going up and down is there but i've burnt about 20 of them and not one has failed so far, so i'll not be buying cheap ones anymore, i have made sure nothing else is running in the background, still no luck, someone said could be coz of downloading at the same time so i disconnected and still no change! it used to burn full cd's in about 2:30 when it worked properly, but now i don't have the option to choose 48x, just 32x, that happened since i installed a dvd drive a few days ago...i have just about had it with the thing! never buy a lite-on drive!


have you recently upgraded Nero .....the latest version is not to good from reviews i have read

i have a liteon and love it ...nary a coaster(usually my fault if i get one)


the retarded one
yeah i'm using the latest one i think but i used the one that came bundled with the drive and the same thing happened, that's why i got the new one to see if it would help but it didn't! oh and as i was typing this response earlier nero decided to shut my computer down for me even tho i've unticked the box about 3 times! thanks for your help anyway

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