Nero Burning ROM (which one)


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I used to download Nero and use hacked versions, and then the past couple months I have been using CDBurnerXP, but I started to notice things it does not do, and problems that it does not work properly.

Anyways, I am wanting to buy Nero most likely. I remember everyone talking about how the new version 8 is very bloated, and well I hate programs that are like that as well. I also remember someone talking about 2 other versions of Nero, lite version or something like that.

I can't find anything related to that on their website, where can I find these smaller lite version of Nero and how much are they?



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You still need a key so you have to buy a full version, but just do a google search for nero micro and you can find the stripped down version. It is legal.


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You mean I am going to have to pay $70 odd dollars for the stripped down version? That don't seem right. Is there anything else I can do?


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Bman, why do you want to use Nero?...What type of media burning are you trying to do? Video? or Music files or Ripping.....there are many great open source programs that are far better than nero.

If there is any media software that I would purchase. it would be Discjuggler by Padus


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No real reason, I just come to know Nero. I didn't have much success with CDBurnerXP either. I do mainly data burning, iso, and things like that.

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If you choose CUSTOM install instead of TYPICAL you can choose what parts of Nero you want to install. I only install the ROM, Nero Vision, WAV editor and Cover designer.

Also, on the last screen of what file extensions you want associated with Nero I always uncheck them all.


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Yea but if you are doing that and only using Nero Burning ROM, why should you have to pay full price for it. I am willing to pay 20 or 30 for just that, which is quite a bit as well but yea.

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imgburn will burn iso files and make data discs, if your making audio cds there are other programs out there that will do them, nero is bloated big time


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So with Imgburn I will be able to right click onto a .iso file and hit Burn?

Also I will be able to go into it and pick a bunch of files and burn them to disc.... Music I never burn but when I do I can just use Winamp or what not, that's not a problem. I am thinking there is something else I do all the time but can't remember what it is ahaaa

I will give Imgburn a go again. Thanks.


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The joys of paid software. However, I find value in Nero at its price point even though I only use Buring ROM. As AZ said (and has said hundreds of times), do a custom install and you eliminate the bulk of the bloat. After installing disable the NMIndexingService (or whatever it is) and turn off Nero Backup (even though you don't install it an item is added to RunOnce).

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