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Nero and Sony CD-R



I'm trying to burn to a Sony CD-R with Nero, and it says the CD only allows for a 2-3 second pause on the first track. Is there any way to disable or get rid this so that I can burn all the tracks without any pauses?


for the first track of any Cd there has to be a gap of 2-3 seconds. Its in the Red book standards or somthing like that.


it means the gap between the beginning of the cd and the first track. You have to have it.
To remove the 2 second gap from in-between tracks when using nero you have to drag and drop your tracks over first then highlight all the tracks you want to burn and then right-click and choose properties and you will then see the option to alter the time in-between tracks to whatever you require.
but still the 2 seconds gap between track 1 and track 2 will remain. but when i did that and burned it and listened to the cd there wasnt a puase between the first 2 songs...
I just did the same ...reduced gap to "0" in-between track 1 and 2 ...(it also said gap "0") then burnt onto a re-write and no gap...which is ok for club albums.

Using nero


At the risk of sounding controversial, why use Nero anyway with all these multiple options for something as bog standard simple as copying cd tracks.
More options does not always mean better software.
I think that every Pc i have built which has had a cd writer to install (and thats alot as thats what i do ) has come bundled with Nero...and most new Pc`s you buy from the big chains also use nero alot, why i am not sure maybe as they are always updating the software for supporting newer drives or just because it`s cheaper...but in the end you would use nero if its free and/or already installed on your Pc rather than trying something else.
Nero's the best choice and plays nice with far more systems than any Roxio stuff. And if your burner came with Nero you got the full program. The EZCDCreator versions that are supplied with burners are stripped down versions.

The gap thing is confusing (as are quite a few things in Nero though.)

Just remember, the pause length you see listed after each track refers to the pause that precedes that track, and the first one (2 seconds) has to be there (although it can be made longer if you want, just not shorter).

To make a seamless disk you would change all (except the first) to 0 seconds.

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