Nero and DVD drives

Just a question here.I've got a pc with dvd drive which I bought many years ago and installed Nero 5.5 which I also had bought seperately and been running fine for many years.
Recently I wanted to upgrade my drive (d/layer,and speed) bought a drive (LG brand) and it came with a bundled Nero Express OEM version.It doesn't include the Nero Burning ROM unless I purchase it online.
I tried to reinstalled my old Nero to the new drive but was not detected.
My question is why is it so ?
Why is it the new drive can only be detected by the bundled software but not with the Nero which I had purchased years earlier ?:(


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Have you tied to update the firmware of the drive? I'm sure somewhere on LG's website you can download them.


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Firmware is funny thing. My brother had to downgrade his on a dvd drive as after upgrading it windows didn't recognise the drive.

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