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Nero 8 Burn process fails

Hello All,

Im Currently using Nero 8 Ultra on Vista SP1 32bit. I used to occasionally get an Error stating the burn process has failed when burning converted video files (My Dissertation project) to DVD, I.E using Nero vision, dragging my video in and letting it encode to watever to make it playable on DVD players with Menus etc. Anyway the conversion goes fine but the actual burn has recently started to fail. The drive burns other files just fine, Ive used two types of Disc DVD-R and DVD RW's. DVD-R's Fail completely where as DVD RWs just fail at finalisation...normally allowing me to view my videos all the way through except for literally the last 5 mins of the SECOND Video on the disc. (Why?) Im currently using a DVD Multi-recorder lightscribe drive. I've read other people experience the problem also and have even replaced their drives to find the problem still occurs. Is this is known bug in Nero? I can't Tell.


if there is no fix, is there a program like Nero that will allow me to convert my video files to DVD with menus etc? that is relatively easy to use, I've tried the Roxio 10 something but the quality is awful on it.

Any help would be great!

thank you

I love VSO ConvertXtoDVD. The new version 3 is more complicated than the old version 2, but it's also got a lot more features. It uses it's own built-in video and audio codecs so you don't have to worry about codec conflicts. It also handles subtitles. For years I struggled trying to find a consistent reliable program to convert video to DVD, and I used Nero for that purpose at first (I still use it for other purposes now). ConvertXtoDVD really came through for me.

I swear by this program. Sorry if it sounds like I'm a stockholder or anything, but I've always just been really happy with it. It handles many formats.

They come out with version updates all the time to add new features/formats. They tend to try to make sure what they already added works reliably before concentrating on adding more new features.

BTW, what brand DVD discs do you use, and what speed do you burn at? By experience and many people's on the web recommendations, even the authors of ConvertXtoDVD, I recommend Verbatim or one of several other brands that use the same disc (Verbatim doesn't manufacture their own discs), and to burn at 4x for reliable burns.

Memorex are considered (and again by my experience and what others say) the worst DVD and CD manufacturers. Nevermind that they're also usually one of the most expensive.

I buy WinData DVD+Rs, which are the exact same discs that Verbatim DVD+Rs are, from Micro Center for $10 for 50.


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I've totally abandoned Nero in favour of Ashampoo for burning DVDs from XviD etc. I had so many problems with sound being out of sync and stuttering playback with Nero but Ashampoo seems to work brilliantly so far.
Most files are Divx for quality purposes, i burn at full speed (Max under options) and i use cheap woolworths (uk shop brand) for DVD-R and Phillips for DVD RW i've tried other brand but same problem.

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Are you trying to burn with the Lite-on LH-20A1H drive?

I see a media error (KEY_MEDIUM_ERROR) which normally points to bad media so you may need to update the firmware if that is the drive you are trying to burn with or try a different brand of disks.

Log is showing yours has firmware LL07 and the latest is LL0D which was released on 3/20/2008 for media compatibility.

You can download the latest from ---> Link
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Most burn problems are compatibility issues between the drive and media. The faster you burn the higher the risk of media problems either during the burn or when trying to play back.

Hit CD Freaks and see what brand media is recommended for your drive.

I wish I could recommend a brand blank but the ones I use are barely usable even at slow speeds. I can tell you that discount store blanks are pure crap. I got a spindle of name brand 16X blanks at walmart and when I read them at home they were really 4x blanks.
I don't have that drive but I have a "Sony" which is actually a LiteOn LH-20A3P and I have crossflashed to it's custom version of the LiteOn firmware. I have two of them, as a matter of fact.

No matter what DVD burner I've used over the last several years (Samsung, Sony, LiteOn...), the recommendations that were given to me to burn at 4x and use discs manufacturered by the same company that makes DVD+Rs for Verbatim were the best advice I ever got for burning DVDs.

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