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Nero Released


Stranger Than Fiction
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I haven't tried this since my "demo" of 7.0.... Does it still have terrible skipping issues on audio? What about bloat? 7.0 tried to conquer my system something fierce, all I want is a burner!


Didn't read the part that said "No information available at time of posting..." If anyone tries this and can answer my question I'd be grateful.

American Zombie

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All you need to do is select custom instead of typical during install then you can choose what you want to install. You will also be able to choose what file associations you want or do not want for Nero.


Glaanies script monkey
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I hate Nero 7, the custom install is not exactly simple. If you miss one checkbox it will hijack all of your file associations. I still think Nero 6 is one of the best apps out there and Nero 7 is one of the worst.

Neo 7 was getting real cheap and I was thinking about upgrading from 6 which I love. You talked me out of it just in time. :)


Glaanies script monkey
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Thats why I respond in these threads :p I have three or four copies of 7 lying around here that came with burners and I still have trusty old 6.6 installed.

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