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Nero 6 Ultra Edition question...

Last night...I was attempting to burn a large amount of data onto a dvd+rw with my NEC ND1300A Dual DVD+RW/+R DVD-RW/-R DVD writer and Nero 6 Ultra Edition. I would use Nero Express and choose all the files I wanted to burn and pressed Next and then told it to start burning...then it would say it needed a blank cd not a blank dvd. Anyone run into this before?
I have had no stability problems at all with Nero 6...other than this burning issue...I keep it updated and it has performed flawlessly otherwise.

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do you have a cd crive installed as well? you might need to choose the DVD drive when you start the program. I use it to burn dvds as well, and no problem here. does the same problem occurr with a DVD-RW or -R media? if not, it might be a hardware issue (burner or disc). any flash updates for the drive?


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Don't use Nero Express. Try using the full Nero interface and make sure to select a DVD Compiliation when you create the disc.

If you have Nero 6 and especially if you have downloaded all the patches for it (which is at the moment a free upgrade from 5.5), uninstall it and re-install 5.5 with the upgrades (for 5.5). Nero 6 is full of bugs and badly written it also checks (with the updates) that you have a valid CD key for your previous version, which might have been an OEM copy not requiring a CD key. This will leave registry entries to disable you CD writer and it will disable version six if it thinks you are using an invalid key along with version five registry entries. I have a legitimate version of six that was disabled by the upgrades I downloaded for their home site over a legitimate version of 5.5.
Nero Version 6 is a disaster if you have previous versions on your machine that used what they think is an invalid CD key. Don’t use it until they have rectified the problem. It’s a good programme though (when working)

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Nero 6

I bought a retail complete version of 6 complete with Nero Vision, In CD, Nero Mix at Staples. I've updated as they come along until 6.0019. Anything after (like 6.0023 or the latest 6.0028) says I have an "Invalid Key". THIS SUCKS! Makes Roxio, CloneCD/DVD look better every day!

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